People who have litigated a divorce have described the experience as "a nightmare", "dehumanizing", and "unjust".  A major complaint is the amount of control attorneys and the courts have over significant, personal and long-term decisions. If your goal is to remain amicable and avoid the inevitable hostility of an adversarial process, then mediation is your best option.  Through mediation, you remain in control of all decisions and your mediator assists you in negotiations based on your desires and concerns and the needs and interests of your children.

Benefits of Mediation:                         

            Reach Agreement on all issues in a matter of weeks
            Save Substantial Time and Money
            Mediator is neutral third party
            Can be win-win situation for both parties
            Divorcing Couples work out agreements between themselves
            Preserves the good will and amicability in relationships
            Supportive and confidential environment
            spares children the pain of a litigated divorce
            Mediation is a flexible process
            Costs 5%-10% on average of an attorney and/or litigated divorce
            How long the mediation process takes depends on YOU, not on your attorney or the courts
            Follow-through on agreements is much more likely

Why Not Lawyers and Courts ?

            Can cost thousands of dollars including the loss of life savings
            Judges impose decisions without getting to know what is important to each party
            Often a lose-lose situation for both parties
            Can take 1-3 years or longer on average
            Backlog in courts and motions are required to be filed for each issue
            Eradicates the good will between parties and destroys families
            Inflexible process bogged down by legal protocols that guide lawyers and courts
            Lack of confidentiality
            Emotionally painful
            Often parties do not follow-through on agreements

Divorce Mediation 


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Benefits of Mediation